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Having problems… scorecard is stuck on August 24th.  I can't get it to go forward to the current date???

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Same here!! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I also wish that we could see a calendar form of checking off that a workout was be able to see montly visual...but maybe there is a reason it is set up to see day by day???? (less anxiety? one day at a time? lol)

Are we the only two who have our scorecard stuck? 

My scorecard is still stuck on 8/24 - how do I get it to move?

I'm still locked up too - I haven't seen any info on a fix yet. Anyone else? 

Mine is still locked on 8/24 also!!!!

Mine is stuck too :(
Mine is still stuck too --and I keep getting emails about re-enrolling, but I've paid online. Would really like an update!


Just logged in after being inactive for way too long and mine is stuck on 8/24 as well.
I've been emailing with the support folks about this issue.  I had signed up for bootcamp 21 (the one that started on 7/14/14) but apparently there was another bootcamp that had started just a couple of weeks prior I believe which was also called bootcamp 21.  So I figure that the bootcamp 21 online was set to end on 8/24/14.  Though I haven't gotten a definitive response as to exactly what the issue is (after having cleared cookies, used multiple browsers, etc.), this seems to be the likely cause.  I was hoping to keep track of the last 2 weeks of this bootcamp - too bad it's not working.

I didn't even know there was a forum here on this topic - just happened to see it on a sidebar.


Just got confirmation from support today that there were a few glitches in transitioning from old to new bootcamp so it appears there will be an issue entering in data after 8/24/14 and before bootcamp 22. 


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