First, if you haven't already done so please go to and click on "sign in" in the upper right-hand corner. Make sure your username is the email we signed you up with. You may need to reset your password, which you can do so by clicking on "I forgot my password" and it will walk you through the steps to creating a new password.  

If you go to the “How it Works” page in Energy Up you will see how Energy Up works with how each tab works. (            

Every morning  you will receive our daily Energy Up Daily Coaching email that has a short message from Jonathan and then the live workouts that will be happening for that day so you can join live or if you can’t join live then you can view the recording later.         


The Personalized Workouts you can find by going to the Personalized Exercise tab then click on the Personalized My Workouts tab to get your custom heart rate and learn more about the power of interval training. From there you will use your personalized heart rate with the live workouts each day or if you miss a live workout to use any of the recordings on the workouts page for that day. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are Interval workouts (cardio based) and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are No Excuses Strength training workouts.        


Also, if you go to the recorded workouts page and click on the “Show Search” Button it will drop down so you can filter the type of workouts you want such as “workout level, workout type, and workout category.  

If you are looking for beginner low impact you can choose workout level beginner/intermediate and then type in the keywords search "low impact" and press search to see only those types of workouts.  

You can do this to choose which workouts are best for you. We also have seated workouts you can do in a chair if you are experiencing any knee issues, have any balance issues or just getting into exercise and not sure where to start.  

The Personalized Nutrition tab is where you can sign up your MealEasy account and have a grocery list and recipes customized for you and to your liking. There is also nutrition coaches you can contact anytime if you have any questions as well as see any nutrition tools.            

The Personalized Motivation tab is where you can go to stay motivated and see our favorite books, videos, quotes and much more.              

The Community tab is a great place to go to for interacting with other boot campers, stay updated with any boot camp announcements as well as take part in discussions with others in Boot Camp.               

The Track my Progress tab is where you will go to keep track of your progress with our "daily", "weekly" and "monthly" overviews where you will input your information and keep record. To enter your weight and keep track of your stats you can click on the "Track Progress" tab you will be able to view our scorecard. There you will see “Daily” “Weekly” “Monthly” and “Overview” to log your information.    

Under "Daily" you will be able to see the calendar and check mark that you had completed the Daily Mission and Daily Workout and/or add any additional notes in the notes section.    

Under “Weekly” you’ll be able to log your weight and keep track of your Wellness Score and under “Monthly” you’ll be able to log your measurements and take the optional Monthly "Now is Your Time Fitness Assessment" to see how you are progressing in Boot Camp.   

You will use Energy Up during the lifespan of your subscription for our workouts, keeping track, motivation, nutrition, etc. and will receive the Daily Energy Up emails from Jonathan. 

Please feel free to email any of our coaches anytime with questions.