from Jonathan: We are excited to Launch FreshDesk!

My team and I are excited to use FreshDesk to better support you on your journey!

You can type in your question above and hopefully the answer to your question will come up within the FAQs.

If the answer does not come up in the FAQs you can ask for help in the Forum or submit a Ticket.

My team and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to your best you!

Take care,

Jonathan - aka "Your Biggest Fan"

Jonathan Roche Founder

Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc. 

I do not understand what the tickets are. Could you please explain?


Mary, I believe it is just a way for them to track issues and better answer questions. When you submit a "ticket", it is distributed to the staff for them to answer, probably in the order in which the request/question was received. It is how the company I work for keeps track of IT issues, or issues with the website, etc.

I hope this helps, and that it is not as clear as mud. :)



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P.S.  All it really is, is sending an email to a designated/automatic reply address for someone on the staff to get to asap. It goes to a certain mailbox where they get reviewed and replied to.


Need to talk with someone in tech support about erroneous charges appearing on my credit card for this site.   Please advise.

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