Rest days are extremely important physically and mentally.  I personally have not worked out on a Sunday in probably 6 months -- that is my rest day -- mentally and physically.

Also, we want our members to be careful and take baby steps.  We want to avoid burnout so don't think of rest days as you not reaching your goals as quickly, but more as very important to rest your body and mind and to help you avoid burning out.  

So keep up the great work and smile and enjoy yourself on your rest days.

The following are very important aspects to everyday life:

1.  Your water intake

2.  Having breakfast every day within 1 hour of waking up

3.  Eating something (even just a quick snack) within 30 minutes of finishing each workout

4.  Trying to eat every 2 hours (which includes healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon) to help keep your metabolism cranking

5.  Smiling and being proud of your accomplishments - THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!  We are all very busy, but we should not lose sight of how well we are doing and how proud we should be of ourselves.