Keeping our valued members safe is our #1 priority, so we have to make sure that every member has received the OK from their doctor if they have been flagged as having risks.  Once you get that OK (or if you already have it), then you will be all set to start the program.  Thanks for your patience and understanding about this.

We are guessing you are writing because you were flagged as being high risk while registering your web-based software.  You must have not seen that you were asked to click and agree to a waiver that your doctor has given you the OK to exercise and then you would be able to proceed.

So as long as your doctor has given you the OK to exercise, then you should be all set.  If you have not received the OK, please visit your doctor and then hopefully you will be good to go after she or he gives you clearance to exercise.

We are excited to have you on board and we are confident you are going to love the effectiveness of your personalized interval workouts.